Pubg License Agreement

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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Pubg Corporation has terminated its licensing agreement with Tencent Games in India and will instead take on all publishing duties within the country, reinforcing its arguments in favour of the government to reconsider the ban. PUBG Corp. reserves the right to amend this Agreement at its sole discretion, but will publish these changes on its website ( or notify DMM GAMES of these changes. If such changes to this Agreement are unacceptable to you in the future or if you no longer comply with this agreement, you may terminate this Agreement in accordance with the terms of termination above. If you install and use an updated or modified version of the game software, or if you continue to use the game software after being informed of the changes made to this Contract, you are presumed to have accepted all of these changes to the Terms and Conditions. The OpenSSL toolkit remains dual licensed, i.e. the terms of the OpenSSL license and the original SSLeay license apply to the toolbox. See below for actual license texts. Gambling software is protected by the Republic of Korea`s copyright laws, international copyright treaties and conventions, Korean and common law laws and other laws. All rights are reserved all over the world. The game software contains certain materials that have been licensed by PUBG Corp. by others, and licensees from PUBG Corp.

and PUBG Corp. may protect their rights in the event of a violation of this Agreement. The term “game software” includes software contained in this video game, associated media, all software associated with the online mode of the video game (subject to additional terms of use applicable to such an online mode), all printed documents, manuals, any online or electronic documentation and all copies of that software and hardware. PUBG Corp. grants you the non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right and license to install and use a (1) copy of the gaming software at any given time only for your personal use on a (1) computer hard drive (the “license”).