Surface Lease Agreement Alberta

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Given the changes in Alberta`s energy sector, FAO strongly recommends that landowners exercise particular caution at this stage in transactions related to their surface lease agreement. If you have any questions, please contact FAO. Michele Del Colle Energy, Utilities, and Policy Specialist 780-427-2350 [email protected] Have you been approached by a land agent or do you have an existing agreement on surface rights? Concrete details of these proposed sales agreements have not yet been obtained and further information will be provided as they become available. At this point, FAO is warning landowners about the potential impact of selling their land leases to businesses: Dalton Trenholm, a farmer and surface rights advocate, explains in the video Don`t Yield Your Field: Surface Rights in Alberta that .” It`s not just about money, but money isn`t everything.¬†As a result, our Alberta Surface Rights team helps landowners consider all relevant factors and arrive at an overall or “global” assessment. In particular, the best way to help determine the appropriate amount of compensation is to consider agreements between landowners and businesses/operators in comparable situations. To learn more about these agreements, check out the following blog post: If a landowner has doubts within a PPE, we can determine if the company has fulfilled a condition or condition of the agreement. Landowners should apply under section 64 of the Responsible Energy Development Act using the application form provided for in section 64. For more information, see our guide and our questions and answers. .