Zeel Massage Therapist Agreement

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With respect to the allegation that we knowingly sent a therapist to a registered sex offender, nothing could be further from the truth. We verify identity and mobile phone consumers; We do not conduct background checks, Google searches, or conduct sex offender searches that may require client consent and are by no means a standard protocol in massage or any other industry. Zeel, an on-demand massage startup, faces allegations of failing to protect its contractors from abusive customers, Gizmodo reported Wednesday. If the company pays the masseur an “hourly rate” while he works, check the first box. This selection requires additional items provided in the language it contains. So enter the dollar amount that the masseur earns for each hour of work in the first empty place of this declaration, the dollar amount earned for each 30-minute session on the second blank line, and the dollar amount that the company pays for each 15-minute session that the masseur provides on the last empty space. The second checkbox defines the massage therapist`s rate of pay as a percentage of the fees charged for the services provided. If this is the case, check the box labeled “Percentage” and note the percentage of fees collected that the masseur should expect on the space before the percentage sign. If none of these statements describe exactly how the massage therapist`s payment is determined by the company, check the third box and specify the exact method that the company will use to calculate the massage therapist`s compensation in the blank lines after the word “Other”. The article contains many inaccuracies and distortions and does not reflect the reality of today at Zeel. But it focuses on one issue that our management team takes very seriously, the safety of the therapists in our network. Since we launched our business in 2012, we have protocols in place to ensure the safety of our therapists and clients, and we are continually working to do more. Last year, we hired a Trust & Safety Director to build an expert Trust & Safety team.

Today, it has 10 employees and consultants, including former law enforcement agencies. Together, they strive to ensure that we have world-class security practices and software tools in place to address security issues. Unfortunately, the incidents described in this article occurred before our Trust & Safety team was on site. Their work to continually strengthen our protocols and execution is ongoing and reflects our absolute commitment to safety throughout our organization. There are important considerations for both the business owner and the masseur to classify their relationship. On the business owner side, classifying individual practitioners as employees means they have to pay half of Social Security, federal unemployment, and Medicare taxes at the federal level and pay additional fees at the state level, sometimes including unemployment insurance, workers` compensation, and disability insurance. . .